My favourite place in Newcastle upon Tyne is Tynemouth


We’re a nation of explorers, and with so many hidden gems all around the UK we’re never short of great local places to discover including in Newcastle upon Tyne.

And who better to share some of the best places to visit in the local area than Adam Stokoe, Sales & Marketing Manager.

Adam knows a thing or two about the best places to visit in Newcastle upon Tyne, including his favourite spot: Tynemouth.

“I’ve loved going to the coast since I was a child, and some of the North East’s coastline is absolutely stunning. Tynemouth is one of those places I could keep going to each week and not get bored!”


Get to know Tynemouth:


Tynemouth is a town at the mouth of the River Tyne, between North Shields and Cullercoats, and is famous for being a surfing championship venue. Whereas Cullercoats is a small village on the coast with a semi-circular sandy beach, cliffs and caves. Both places are popular destinations for day-trippers and tourists to enjoy sea views and eat the best fish and chips.


The annual Mouth of Tyne Festival, which started in 2005, is staged in Tynemouth and South Shields on the opposite bank of the Tyne and includes live world music, cultural performances, processions and pyrotechnics, as well as art displays.


Tynemouth pier’s construction took over 40 years (1854–1895) and in 1898 the original curved design proved inadequate against a great storm and the centre section was destroyed. The pier was rebuilt in a straighter line and completed in 1909.


Three reasons Adam loves visiting Tynemouth:


With so much to see and experience here, it’s no wonder Adam Stokoe is a big fan! He shares three reasons why it’s his favourite place to visit in the North East.

The coastline is stunning.

It’s a great place to visit, whether this is for a walk along the beach with family or friends. The beach from Tynemouth to Whitley Bay is around three miles long, with a mix of long sweeping beaches and smaller coved areas – great for rock pooling!

There’s a great mix of pubs and bars to enjoy!

The Salutation – a favourite watering hole for myself and the lads from football to go watch how it is actually done on the big screens

The Priory – more for myself and my partner to have a few daytime drinks

Lola Jeans – to finish the night with something stronger!

It (can) be great to go surfing!

As with all coastal areas, there are days at the coast where the sea looks more like a millpond. Other times, it is blowing a gale! It’s usually always cold, but Tynemouth is famous for being a surfing championship venue and for me, it’s a little closer than venturing down to Cornwall!

There are some great little surf shops in the area and so whether you are a complete novice or more advanced, there is something for everyone. Tynemouth Surf Co. is definitely worth a visit.


Add Newcastle upon Tyne to your travel bucket list


Whether you’re thinking of an overnight stay or escaping to Newcastle upon Tyne for a well-deserved break, our hotel is a great base for your adventure.

And if you need more recommendations on our team’s favourite places to visit simply have a chat with us or wait for our next installment!

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Brilliant all round

Just returned from a short stay at this hotel. Great central position to go shopping and get to other venues such as st James's park and science museum, Staff were fantastic especially Evie who served us every night of our stay . Room was clean and comfortable even in a heat wave and the Food was delicious (June 2023).
Helen, Kirby Stephen

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